Vancouver June 29 - early-bird pricing in effect until June 19th

The $10K per month plan. A full-day business building workshop with Patty K and Georgee Low

Raise your revenue to $10K per month, spend less time marketing and create the life you really really really want - we'll show you how.

Vancouver: 750 Hamilton St

Saturday, June 29th
9:30 am - 5:30 pm
$100 CAD - $50 Early-bird until June 19th

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Workshop fee is $100 CAD - Early-bird $50 until June 19 
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Tired of scraping by? Ready to build your business revenue to $10K per month or more?

This "no-fluff" workshop is packed with content.

Learn our proven strategies for building a profitable, purpose-driven business with integrity.

Come prepared to take notes, learn new things and leave feeling clearer, smarter and more prepared for success.

Vision, mindset and manifestation meets strategy and number-crunching

Here's what you'll learn

Everything starts with a vision of what you want

Create a vision for the life and business you really really really want

As a small business owner, your life and business are connected and intertwined. We'll create (or refine) a vision that encompasses both.

What does $10K per month really look like?

Playing "the numbers game" to win

In this session, we'll get a robot to do the math and we'll break down exactly what it takes to generate $10,000 (or more) per month in revenue.

We'll also show you how small changes in the right places can have a massive positive impact on your revenue. 

Random acts of marketing don't get results

Developing a marketing system

If you find yourself taking a lot of action (or stuck in overwhelm trying to decide WHAT to do) and not seeing results - this is the "ah ha" you've been looking for. We'll show you the direct path between "never heard of you before" to "happy paying client" and what needs to happen at each step along that journey.

What no one tells you about "ideal clients" or "customer avatars"

The surprising truth about who will buy from you (and why)

Your success or failure rests on your ability to locate and attract people who will buy from you.

Demographic attributes (gender, age, occupation, etc.) are mostly useless for identifying your ideal clients.

Learn the 3 required criteria - including a deep dive into the single factor that determines whether or not someone will buy. (You may discover something about yourself as well!)

Feel like you're missing something? You probably are!

The $10K Roadmap

Many people are working hard in their businesses but see limited results because they're missing a key piece of the larger picture. 

We will walk you though ALL of the components you need to succeed. (Including the ones that are left out or "glossed over" in other programs)

Assess your marketing, locate the gaps, make a plan to bridge them. (This section of the workshop provides the "big ah ha" for a lot of people!)

Not achieving your vision? Here's why...

6 steps to successful manifestation

Moving from vision to form requires 6 steps, each building upon the next. If you haven't managed to get the outcomes you've envisioned in the past - you'll discover the missing key.

The secret link between value and pricing

How to choose the right price for your services

Your pricing determines whether or not you meet your financial goals. Learn the 3 factors that go into finding your "right price" AND what you need to do in order to justify what you charge and stop competing on price.

The secret to getting better results with less work

Leveraging laziness

Learn the FOCUS system for doing less and getting better results. 

(This was identified as the most memorable take-away by a number of previous participants!)

If you've been to other business-building workshops, you might notice something missing in ours

As a refreshing break from what you may have encountered in the past, there will be no "sales pitch"

  • No psychological manipulation
  • No "fast action" bonuses or price markdowns
  • No "limited seats act now" pushiness

We are both committed to a vision of honest and ethical business practices - and our "offer presentation" will be a quick 15 minute overview about how you can work with us at the end of the day.

The most surprising twist of all? We won't let you buy anything from us on the day (even if you really really want to!)

Join us for a great day!

Your investment includes coffee, tea, snacks, handouts and a chance to meet some awesome people.

In a short amount of time they break down the fundamentals from A to Z on ALL the ingredients it takes to build a $10K a month business. No fluff here.

I’ve known Georgee for many years and I could tell you how amazing she is at helping you find your passion and dive deep into your why so that it fuels you everyday and have tangible steps you can take everyday to live your best version of yourself until you manifest it.

When I attended her 10K workshop with Patty K I was blown away. The synergy she has with Patty K is incredible. Taking Patty’s proven strategies how to gain clarity on how a $10K a month business REALLY works and the pitfalls most entrepreneurs fall into when turning their passion into profit mixed with Georgee’s Superpower to inspire and bring the best version of you Out is a format for success.

In a short amount of time they break down the fundamentals from A to Z on ALL the ingredients it takes to build a $10K a month business. No fluff here. You will walk out knowing where you strengths are in business and also what exactly is holding you back.

Highly recommend this workshop to those serious individuals that want to take their lives and business to next level.

~ Matthew Klapwijk

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Vancouver June 29