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business woman in a superhero cape

Unlike x-ray vision or superhuman strength, these superpowers are available to everyone. We'll show you what they are and how to get them in this free online class.

How to make your first (or next) $10K

This online class is specifically for new(ish) business people. If you've yet to make $10K in your business TOTAL - or if $10K is closer to your ANNUAL income instead of your MONTHLY income - this is for you.

(And yes...if your income is closer to's relevant to you too!)

There is an enormous difference between what works for "just getting started" businesses and what works for "doing well and ready to scale" businesses.

Meet the 3 dastardly villains that hold back new business owners - and the 6 superpowers you'll need to overcome them.

If you're new in business and struggling with sales and marketing (or if you've been around for a while, but can't quite get traction) you'll get some insight into what you may be missing.

Dastardly Villains?

testimonial photo - workshop is better than doing laundry

Quite possibly our favourite testimonial ever: "It's better than doing laundry" (seems this is a webinar and not a live workshop - you could do laundry at the same time - multi-tasking ftw!)

Yeah...we could have been like everyone else and called these mistakes or myths.

But where's the fun in that?


Mistakes? Myths? Those are pretty lightweight terms.

Remember making "mistakes" in grade school? You'd flip your pencil around, erase the wrong answer and correct it with the right one.

And myths? Sasquatch. Yeti monster. Imaginary creatures that didn't actually exist.

But when it comes to business, "dastardly villain" is a more apt description. Because these really DO exist. And they wreak havoc.

And sometimes they show up disguised as your new best friend - the one with charm and all the answers to your problems.

Villains are challenging to beat. They're smart, they're devious, they keep coming back again!

KNOWING that they exist isn't enough.

They're not a simple correction on a piece of paper. Or an illusion that vanishes when you turn the light on and peek under the bed.

They require some wrestling with. Active engagement. Meeting fire with fire.

Which brings us to superpowers.


Once again, we could have labelled these "fundamental business skills" - which is boring as fuck. (Even though, ironically, "fun" is baked into the word.)

Once again, the boring term doesn't adequately describe the power.

Because fundamental skills - when mastered - really do act as superpowers.

Superpowers give you confidence. Invincibility. The power to take on the villains and WIN.

The other thing about superpowers?

Not everyone has them.

(Except for every successful business person you can name.)

But unlike x-ray vision, superhuman strength or the ability to breathe underwater - these superpowers are available to anyone who is willing to learn them.

We'll show you what they are and how to get them in this free online class.

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At the end of the class, we'll give you an overview of the new program we're launching. It's different from anything either one of us has seen "out there" and so it requires a bit of explaining. You can ask questions if you'd like.

We poured a combined 50 (gulp!) years of business experience into this - and created something that we believe is desperately needed by newer entrepreneurs. Maybe you? Join us and find out. (Or read all the details here: 10K Program Details)

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